Julia Lesel


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Julia Lesel was born in Los Angeles, California but traces origin to Croatian-Polish roots. She could sum up her interests as, anything National Geographic interests itself with: internationally minded, appreciating the unique cultures and languages of the world, but with a special sense of wonder for nature, animals, and wild spaces. She enjoys traveling, which fuels her imagination for fantasy writing and travel stories.

As a lover of story, she and has lived many lives in an attempt to sample the world: from teaching English in Italy, living in forest-solitude in Germany, assisting special-needs young adults through their college experiences, and working on nature-conservation projects in Australia with birds and kangaroos, monkeys at the Swiss border, and the remote Peruvian Amazon Jungle.

At 20, during a month-long romp in New Zealand, she filled her a notebook with the seeds and roots of what would become her first fantasy world, now a complete YA-fantasy manuscript.

She studied at UCLA majoring in Psychology, minoring in Philosophy and taking many electives in Zoology, and later completed a Masters of Science in Human Behavior at USC. Currently, she works part time for an ad-agency, which grants the flexibility to continue her passions for world exploration and writing.